eMPiGO Technologies is a full-service technology company that works with large, medium, and small business in a variety of capacities.   Founded in 2007, we have a vision of being different than most technology service providers in that while turning wrenches is a necessary aspect of IT, we strive to be an expert advisor and partner in the business earning your trust as the go to technology service provider. 

eMPiGO is all about the people and making a positive difference.

David Girot

David comes from a strong business and technical background spending years as a software and certified network engineer on a multitude of platforms.  Applying his technical aptitude with a degree and experience in accounting, David later served as the VP of Information Systems for a global insurance company where he rounded off his skillset with C-level experience on a large scale.  


His vision was to start an organization serving as a solution architect and vCIO to clients with a business approach while leveraging his vast experience over 30 years and the founding principal of eMPiGO Technologies in 2007.  David spends the majority of his time providing strategic consulting, solution architecture services, and leading eMPIGO.

Chris Cowan
Vice President of Operations

Chris is an IU graduate that spent time in sales and customer service prior to pursuing his passion for technology.  When given the opportunity to grow organically into a technical role he never looked back.  

Chris has excelled as a network engineer taking every opportunity to learn, teach, and lead the infrastructure services team.  Chris's background in customer service has provided great benefit to clients beyond the technical capabilities of he and his team.  Soft skills should never be underestimated from a technology provider and when you couple them with exceptional technical talent you have a leader like Chris emerge, a great mentor for his team, and a true asset to the clients.

Joel Auxier
Director of Application Development

Joel is an IU graduate with over 18 years of experience in a variety of development roles.  For more than a decade, Joel and David have worked together and developed leading edge solutions, making a significant impact in our clients' operations.

Joel has expertise on the Microsoft Platforms as well as JavaScript and mobile development, and often works directly with database engineers; hands on.   He also has worked in multi-currency, multi-lingual, and regulated environments.