We are a full-service technology company that loves what we do for our clients.  The talent we employ, relationships we build, and your success is our passion.

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Strategic Consulting


The founding discipline of eMPiGO is to understand the business needs while coupling 25 years of technology solutions to bring clarity, exceptional service, and a partnership driving to the desired outcomes.   Large or small, the benefits to engaging eMPIGO's strategic team will have measurable benefits before a single asset is purchased, line of code written, and all aligned with the business.

Road mapping | Assessments | Compliance | Security | vCIO

Cybersecurity Services


eMPiGO offers a variety of services around cybersecurity from assessment to active monitoring and risk mitigation.   We bring clarity to the topic for businesses and leverage more than a decade of leadership and tactical expertise on the topic.  Knowledge, tools, monitoring, risk mitigation, and ongoing user awareness training are all essential components of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Risk Assessment | Ransomware Remediation | User Awareness Training | Compliance | Monitoring | vCISO

Managed IT Services


The eMPiGO Engineering Team is second to none when it comes to managed IT and ensuring your networked infrastructure is secure, available, and proactively monitors its health.  Our goal is to implement solutions that provide the right balance for your business in terms of risk and financial means.

Whether you're all in for public cloud offerings, prefer a private cloud,  or hybrid, our certified engineers can assist with recommendations and the pros and cons to each approach. 

Helpdesk | Cloud Services | Private Hosting | Monitoring & Network Maintenance.

App Development

eMPiGO primarily focuses on the Microsoft stack of .Net, SQL Server, and PowerBI.   We have built some amazing applications improving business bottom lines and rendering information previously unattainable.  We always start with the business and build vs buy analysis.  In the event it's a build, we can take projects in their full lifecycle or augment your team with exceptional talent.  If it's a buy decision, we can lead or assist in implementation and integrations.

.Net | SQL Server | PowerBI |Mobile



eMPiGO Technology's mission is simple; bring the best talent to the table, be easy to work with, earn your trust through respect and results, and make a positive difference in your business.  eMPiGO has focused on the same four disciplines since inception; Strategic Consulting, Cybersecurity Services, Managed IT Services, and Application Development.   This is our passion and we are confident in our ability to bring clarity where there is ambiguity, desired outcomes where there are excuses, and always take a business approach to technical solutions. 


We are a full-service technology company and work with large, medium, and small business alike.  eMPiGO is all about the people and making a positive difference to businesses and people's lives.


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